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 Who We Are And Why We Do What We Do

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PostSubject: Who We Are And Why We Do What We Do   Tue Jul 08, 2014 7:42 am


noun: patriot;
plural noun: patriots

a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors.


noun: patriotism

the quality of being patriotic; vigorous support for one's country.

There are few words nowadays in common English usage that attract as much controversy as the above. There is the generally accepted sanitised patriotism, such as supporting the national team at a sporting event or celebrating the Queen's Jubilee. This kind of patriotism, relatively harmless in nature to those in power, is welcomed and actively encouraged.

Then there is unsanitised patriotism.

This is the kind of patriotism that those in power would have you believe is wrong and is practiced only by knuckle dragging, ill educated, heavily tattooed racists. But this is the kind of patriotism that matters most to you and I. This is the kind of patriotism that can make a real change and change is, perhaps, what those in power fear most of all.

Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the President or any other public official
- Theodore Roosevelt

Consider the word Patriotism. What mental images does it conjure? Does it make you think of beautiful lush British landscapes? Does it make you think of a culture evolved from hundreds and hundreds of years of rich history and tradition? Or does it make you think of missiles, global warfare and soldiers?

Do you think that this is an accident??

We are being told that Patriotism is a dirty word. We are being told that to be Patriotic, to love and be proud of a nation's accomplishments, and of their people, is racist. We are being told that this is a so called multi-cultural society where every faith, race, colour and creed is equal and that to not embrace such diversity is wrong. Only the reality is that this simply is not true.

True Patriotism does not concern itself with equality. True Patriotism concerns itself only with identity.

So why are we being lied to??

The media is the most powerful weapon that those in power have to persuade the many to do the bidding of the few. For as long as we have television screens and newspapers the concept of true democracy will never be allowed to come to fruition. We have all been duped into thinking that the only democratic choice we have is either right wing Tory, left wing Labour, or middle of the road Democrat. The moment fringe parties such as UKIP begin to gain a foothold in Politics the media immediately sets out on a crusade to belittle, discredit and vilify. We know more about Nigel Farage's drinking habits and his German wife than we do his policies. This is deliberate. We are not meant to take people like Farage seriously because the moment we do the entire system comes crashing down. So instead we are brainwashed into likening him and his party to Hitler and the Third Reich and we dismiss his views without any consideration.

But there is one niggly little problem with this that nobody in power could ever have envisaged...There is one niggly little problem that could spoil the party...There is one niggly little problem that our leaders are desperately battling to eradicate with the use of censorship before it destroys them completely and forever.

The internet.

We have at our disposal a weapon more powerful than any nuclear bomb. The internet is our Excalibur and it is every free man's duty to wield it without mercy. Change will only happen when we make it happen and the first step to change is raising public awareness. People need to be told that there is another side to the coin. That there is another angle on the story. That there is more spin to the same record we are being played day after day.

It is our intention to use the power of social media to tell people the stories they would otherwise not hear. To give everyone a truer picture of what is really happening in our world by talking to the people directly affected by the issues taking place within it. Anyone wishing to join our cause is welcome. Registration is free and takes only a few minutes. Members will receive many benefits and will be able to participate in real time discussions, opinion polls and online Government petitions.

This is your chance to have your views heard by the people who matter.

This is our chance to start making a difference.

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Who We Are And Why We Do What We Do
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